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Did Tupac Shakur Fake His Own Death?

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Intriguing Information Of Whether He Faked His Death

First, I want to say there is no debate on whether he did or didn't fake his death. All we have is our personal opinions and if he 'actually' did, we wouldn't know unless he came back and proved he was still alive.

Now, let's get into this interesting information.

Top 10 reasons why people think he faked his death:

When I started looking into all the information and videos of people saying why Tupac is still alive, it really actually is surprising and interesting, because there is "more" evidence of him faking his death, than there is evidence of him being straight-dead. When you get into all the reasons of how he faked his death, it doesn't even seem like speculation, it seems like common sense. I will list here a few facts.

1. When Tupac Shakur was in prison, he had read a lot of books. In one of his interviews, he mentions he had read a book on Machiavelli. Niccolo Machiavelli was an Italian war strategist and had written many books on war. He advocates in his book to fake your death to fool your enemies. Niccolo faked his death and came back 18 years later to baffle his enemies that he was still alive. Many believe, Tupac is planning to come back in 2014 to play the same role as Machiavelli. I will get into more interesting facts about this later as we get along.

2. Shortly before Tupac's death, he had changed his stage name to "Makaveli". There are only two reasons why he would do this, either because he liked the name, or because he was planning to make this brilliant plan of faking his own death.

3. On the night of Tupac's death, people say a fan had taken a picture of him with the window rolled down at a red light. It shows him and Suge Knight in the car as if they were about to drive, but the thing is.. There were no keys in the car. Why would there be no keys in the car? A mistake, or did they purposely do that for some reason..

4. On the night of Tupac's death, there are 3 different scenarios of how he arrived at the hospital, why is this. 1st scenario, is that Tupac was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. 2nd is that, Suge Knight stated in an interview that "HE" rushed Tupac to the hospital himself. 3rdly, there was a lady who was interviewed on the news saying, that she saw Tupac going into a helicopter. Why were there 3 scenarios? To create confusion? Or just many stating what they think to put out a story in the news.

5. For some reason, and people brilliantly found out, is that there is a strange "7" theory resulting in his death. Tupac was shot on September, 7th and then had died 7 days later. People go on beyond this and say his official time of death was 4:03 AM, 4+3=7, Tupac was 25 when he had died 2+5=7, his latest album after his death had come out "7" months after he died. It goes on and on and many people think this, because his album was titled: Makaveli The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. It's a theory, so people looked into this theory.

6. People say if you rearrange "Makaveli" it forms into: K am alive. If you rearrange "Makaveli The Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory" it rearranges to: Ok On Tha 7th U Think I'm Dead Yet Really Im Alive. What are the chances of those 2 things rearranging to that! I mean, ask any code specialist and what are the chances of that rearranging, unbelievable.

7. On Tupac's album it shows him on a cross like Jesus and says Exit: Tupac Enter: Makaveli. Some think this means he is going to return and are predicting his date to be in 2014 like Niccolo Machiavelli, because he had come back 18 years later. Also, Tupac said in a song "Expect me - - - - like you expect Jesus to come back expect me - - - -, I'm comin" I can't use profanity, haha, sorry.

8. 1 week after Tupac died, a video came out "I aint mad at cha" and it shows Tupac in heaven and a short clip at the beginning of him getting shot and dieing. Coincidence?

9. Many celebrities have stated Tupac is still alive, such as: New Jack, a former professional wrestler of the ECW, Treech someone who was close with Tupac, Suge Knight shocked people in 2012 to say that Tupac isn't really dead. Willow Smith Jada Smith's daughter, wrote a note to Tupac, saying she knows he's still alive, and to come back to make her mom happy. Jada and Tupac had a close relationship with eachother.

10. 1 week after Tupac was pronounced dead, 1000 people from from Haiti had called police saying they seen Tupac.

My Quick Take

Like I said at the top, we can speculate, but we can never truly know unless he actually did fake his death, and made a return to prove it to us, but with all that information! It is very easy to see that he did. This is also just a small chunk of information, if you want more there is a video on the bottom for you to see and you's can do research of yours own, and tell me your take!

Comment and tell me your take! I would be very interested to hear.

See More Facts!:

- Did Tupac Fake His Death - New Info! (Niccolo Machiavelli)

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5 Extra Reasons

The evidence of Tupac faking his death goes on and on and on, it is really crazy and literal if you get into it. I will list 5 more things here.

1. Many Artists put secret messages in their songs, where if you reverse them, you will hear a hidden message. In one of Tupac's songs he says "take time to reverse my songs" When you do this, he says in one song: "Yes Im alive and me missing you".

2. In the music video "To Live And Die in LA" Tupac was wearing shoes that hadn't come out til 3 years after his death.

3. In Tupac's coroners report, it says he was 6.0 weighing 215 pounds. Tupac was 5.10 and weighed 165 pounds.

4. Nobody had ever seen Tupac in the hospital and he was cremated the day after he died, so there was no autopsy. It is legally required to have an autopsy after death.

5. According to Suge Knight, the man who cremated Tupac was paid 3 Million dollars cash and then he vanished.

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Fact Graph

Reason For Faking Death
Reasons He Could Be Dead
Reasons For Coming Back If Faked Death
Had been shot before, life was in danger
Too much public around hospital
To Come Back To Living After That Long Away
He was on bail for a crime he didn't do
Family States He is Dead
To Be With His Family He May Not See Much
He did not want to go back to jail
Has Been So Long Since He Died
To Make The Greatest Come Back Ever Seen
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PoeticPhilosophy profile image

PoeticPhilosophy 9 months ago from Canada Hub Author

Haha yes it's real, I encourage you to do research of your own. But thanks for liking and enjoying it. I like his song's too :)

PoeticPhilosophy profile image

PoeticPhilosophy 9 months ago from Canada Hub Author

Not at all, go for it. :)

bOOM 9 months ago

Okay bout the car, there are two cars in the scene I noticed and the beautiful ones was where Tupac was shot. The car seen in that video was not Tupac's,i mean the car they used. There's another car in that scene.

PoeticPhilosophy profile image

PoeticPhilosophy 9 months ago from Canada Hub Author

Exactly, that's one of the mysteries too bOOM.

delilah 8 months ago

I honestly do believe tupac is alive , but where is hem?

Lyvie 8 months ago

Not impossible Benjamin Goder faked his death in 1986 and is living very rich with all his family who profited from 3 life insurances and several other frauds and living like Kings in Mauritius thanks to the British Government.

PoeticPhilosophy profile image

PoeticPhilosophy 8 months ago from Canada Hub Author

Really!? I've never heard of that.

HYPEBEAST 8 months ago

7 Day Theory

7th Day equals 7th of July, Monday equals Mon plus th equals July 7th Month

2 plus 0 plus 1 plus 4 equals 7

7 plus 7 plus 7 equals 21

7 plus 7 equals 14

1 minus 1 equals 0  equals 2014



Makaveli returns

fletcher 7 months ago

This article got me thinking its definitely weird but if he came back they throw him in jail anyway right?

PoeticPhilosophy profile image

PoeticPhilosophy 7 months ago from Canada Hub Author

I don't think so, apparently if your life has been attempted on twice, your legally allowed to fake your own death. So who knows... He might be back.

Rob Warburton 7 months ago

I have been convinced for more than 10 years Pac is chilling somewhere enjoying life waiting for 2014 and find it quite ironic in 'Changes' he stated '...we ain't ready to see a black president'. Really hope he returns :)

bat115 profile image

bat115 7 months ago from Los Angeles, CA Level 2 Commenter

He's off chillin in the Bermuda Triangle with Biggie, Elvis, JFK, and Marilyn Monroe.

2pac 6 months ago

Im alive!!

Eazy E 5 months ago

Me too!!

2pac lover 5 months ago

i think hes still alive if I found out that he is I will hate him because he left his famly and fans

PoeticPhilosophy profile image

PoeticPhilosophy 5 months ago from Canada Hub Author

"If" he did. He did it for a good cause.

love tupac 5 months ago

I think he is, but not sure he is coming back... I mean, if he faked his death to fool his enemies and comes back, some of his enemies that may be still alive, they can murder gim... anyway i hope not and I support him in each case... HOPE YOU ARE ALIVE MAKAVELI

ty 5 months ago

Rap needs 2pac back. Waiting for 2014...I miss him.

If he doesn't, we need to let him RIP. If he does, I want front row tickets to first tour!

elijah 5 months ago

He is alive. Check this video out thug life 2013

2Pac4Lyfe 5 months ago

you people can't just let him go can you , I mean every time a celebrity dies this bullshit starts all over again , HIS GODDAMN MOTHER says he's dead so let the man Rest in peace will you !!

PoeticPhilosophy profile image

PoeticPhilosophy 5 months ago from Canada Hub Author

2Pac4Lyfe Let the people have their own opinion. And yes, of course, his mother is going to holler "my son faked his death".

ANUVAHOOD 5 months ago

2014 COME ON

2pacalypse 5 months ago

I don't understand how the picture of Pac and Suge says it was taken on the 8th of Sept. Yet it was clear he was shot at around 11:15 pm on sept 7.

bat115 profile image

bat115 5 months ago from Los Angeles, CA Level 2 Commenter

2pacalypse - That's the point! he's still alive!

ed 5 months ago

i think he he is alive

cy 5 months ago

He is living in cuba with his aunt bc she hiding from the police too

ThugLife 4 months ago

I may not be old enough to know tupac as I was only 2 when he apparently died but I know he's not dead!! The autopsy photo was fake it was taken from the end scene of California love and tupac shakur's mother has never said he's dead she says many things and why is it that on his police mugshot it says he's around 5'11 but the autopsy says he's 6'11 and also it says he's 61 pounds heavier?? I hope he does come back and prove you haters wrong but each to their own opinion I love tupac and he's music long live the king of ghetto!!!

ThugLife 4 months ago

And also the state that he 'died' in you can actually pay anyone off? Police doctors anyone!! And his funeral was cancelled 2 Times and never rearranged? And I'll leave you with a mind boggling question yous all think that he'll get jailed cause of faking his death well your wrong cause if he's dead? Why hasn't his life insurance been claimed??

makaveli 4 months ago

im south africa to berie madiba

Mc Joe 4 months ago

I believe that the guy sharkur is alive but let no one predict his he return.

the ones he is running from are still alive and waiting for him.

Truth be told 4 months ago

Pac ment what he said. But the Main thing is they Would not throw him jail because in Las Vegas it's not illegal to fake your death and it not illegal to pay someone off. Point 2 Tupac loved Jada and would not like her to be with Will....well that part i don't know.

Truth 4 months ago

Guys everyone has their own opinion but please don't confuse others by stating things you don't know are true. This is what makes it hard to figure out the truth. I've been studying this topic for a couple years. I do believe he is indeed alive but I didn't at first. In fact the whole reason I started looking into Tupac's mysterious death was to see if I could crack the mystery as to who killed him. I remember staying up for countless hours at night looking into this only to find out such things as he was cremated the day after he "died", there weren't any pictures of him after his "death" or while he was in the hospital, the whole event occurred within 7 days from the day he was shot which happened to be the 7th to the day he died which was Friday September 13th. All these coincidences plus the fact that they never really stick to one story with the whole how he got to the hospital, what happened in the hospital, etc... So I came to the conclusion that he wasn't dead and that he was in fact still alive. I studied his music. I was already a fan but when people listen to music they never really "listen" to it. His songs contained many subliminal messages which added to the coincidences. I also tried to find evidence suggesting he is dead but to no avail. The supposed autopsy picture is indeed a fake. And contrary to what 2Pac4Lyfe said his mother did not out right say he is dead, as a matter of fact there is an interview in which she talks about her son and uses some weird phrases such as "in the end he chose to leave quietly." I do not know if he will return as I am not guaranteeing he is alive just saying the evidence highly suggests it. Time will tell. 2014 is close. Is he alive? Probably. That explains why I can't find out who were the shooters no matter how many hours I spend studying the lives of everybody connected to 2Pac, friends, family, and enemies. Who do I think killed 2Pac? I believe 2Pac killed 2Pac and gave birth to Makaveli. If he returns, that's who we will see. Exit: 2Pac Enter: Makaveli

Iloveandmisstupac 4 months ago

I spent ages looking into this and I believe he is alive, I hope so as well. also isn't the rapper 'black haze' ment to be tupac? (A discuise)

Truth 4 months ago

Yeah there's a few rappers who "sound" like Tupac. Some more than others. There's The Realest who if you ask me doesn't really resemble Pac much. Blac Haze who does sound a bit like him and does have a similar flow along with similar lyric styles. Then there's Kasinova Tha Don who is a bit different. He sounds the most like Pac but he does have videos on YouTube of him free styling and in the studio and he does seen to talk the same way he raps. However he is way too suspicious with some of his Facebook posts. Definitely one to check out if you have the chance. Also another interesting thing to ponder. You know how you can rearrange the letters of the Don Killuminati album and spell the whole yet I'm alive thing and there won't be any left over letters? Well you know how Tupac's other rap name Makaveli is a play on the name of the philosopher Niccolo Machiaveli? Everyone knows that if you rearrange Makaveli you can spell Am Alive but there's a problem. There's a K left over. This K is also missing from Blac Haze's name who spells his name Blac rather than Black. Then Kasinova Tha Don gets his name from the historical figure Giacomo Casanova. What's weird about this? Rather than spelling his name with a C Kasinova spells it with a K. He is the K left over in Makaveli and the one missing in Blac Haze. It all connects it all makes sense. Now put together all the theories with the 7's and the messages in the songs and the circumstances surrounding his death and do your research on who Tupac was and how intelligent he was and you will realize that the odds are in favor of the side supporting the idea that Tupac indeed faked his death. We may never know. The only way we will know is if he comes back or puts out a new album saying he's alive because it will be very difficult to prove he is dead. Because most likely he isn't.

DOA 4 months ago

Dnt get ur hopes high..

Truth 4 months ago

Hey DOA you never know. He could be dead, he could be alive. If he is alive then he could stay hidden, or he could come back. Who knows? There are a few people who know what happened that night on September 7th 1996. Was there actually even a shooting or was it staged. Who was in on it if it was. Was it a real shooting and did he just decide to tell everyone except a few people that he was dead. The only person that has to know for sure has to be his mother who supposedly told the doctors to pull the plug at precisely 4:03 on Friday September 13th on the 7th day of the incident. Coincidence? Maybe.

Makaveli 3 months ago

he still alive n when he returns its a rap so expect him to come back like jesus he coming 7 theory

exile 3 months ago

the thing is that he might be alive but why come back if they want to kill him THE TRUTH world need him but better like that be somewhere alive:'( wish he come back !!!

Truth 3 months ago

It's true that people did want him dead but you have to consider that many of those people are either dead themselves or locked up now. Plus the old gangsta era of rap is over. You won't see Lil' Wayne put a hit on Kendrick Lamar. So who would Pac have to be concerned about if he came back? Perhaps Puffy but would Puffy risk his wealth, fame, and livelihood to get back at an old enemy who he thought was already dead. Is he really that dumb? Maybe 2Pac was that smart. That he planned all that out in advanced and thought every outcome out including what would happen should he return. What he should worry about is this "Illiminati." However if they do indeed kill him if he returns. It will all be a trap to reveal the illuminati. For no matter how they make it appear he died everyone would know the truth. So then would the "Illuminati" be foolish enough to reveal themselves by assassinating Tupac after people had already suspected them for killing him the first time. If he is alive he has a plan. He's always had a plan.

not truth 3 months ago

So Truth, i guess now we wait huh?

ii 3 months ago

If you take away the K on Makaveli then it stands im alive

Truth 3 months ago

Yep, now we just wait and see.

Pacslife 3 months ago

There's all this stuff about 7 Day Theory and it all adds up that he's coming back 7.7.14 and I think he faked his death and in a interview with his mom she says "his music made people angry" also his aunty was a convict and escaped prison and moved to Cuba so he might of moved there so he could live peacefully for a few years or so. There's this bit in a song but it's a remix and I don't know the original song but he says"my enemies want to see me dead" so he probably did it to kill off his enemies because the wouldn't expect it because he had been shot quite a lot so try would of thought he's shot again and he's dead.

A lot of rappers,singers,actors ect who were every close to 2pac might have lied to keep it secret from fans,enemies of pac so they wouldn't expect him to come back. Personally I think pac is alive and with his aunty and is coming back in 7.7.14,but that is my opinion..

Ryan 3 months ago

Also if you noticed recently jada and will smith broke up....maybe because jada smith is getting back together with PAC because he is returning this year

like eminem told... 3 months ago

rap wouldnt be the same if tupac wouldnt move to CUBA

Truth 3 months ago

Naw Ryan look it up... Will and Jada aren't split up. Plus Jada and Will being together has nothing to do with Pac. Pac would be happy just as long as she is happy.

sifundo 3 months ago

rap game changed b.coz 2pac died...pple were afraid of 2pac..i respect tht man...R.I.P man

Savysofly 3 months ago


Mj 3 months ago

2014 he would be turning 43 yrs old. 4+3= 7!

PAC4life 3 months ago

PAC is alive an waiting. We just have to wait as well. I think he is alive but not sure if he will come back if not R.I.P tupac

Jackie 3 months ago

The only fault in your theory is that if you watched some interviews on YouTube from his family members after his death, you would hear one of his close friends say "Pac always had everything planned ahead. Like he would come to me and say 'if I die this way, put this out or if I die this way, release this.' Nothing was ever a surprise to him." Now I am a strong believer that Tupac is alive and coming back. I would love him to come back because this generations music sucks, but we need to face the facts, I think we all are taking this a little too far. Tupac always had things preplaned. You could tell in the picture that he was upset. He knew that night he was going to die, or maybe he knew that he would have to face his long journey of hiding. Who knows! But either way Rest in Peace Pac. Dead or alive.

MAKAVELI7 3 months ago


Truth 3 months ago

Yeah Jackie I've seen that, it was Shock G talking bout Pac always having a plan. The pictures on the other hand, I don't know what I think about those. Those are a bit shady to me. Looking at the videos of people trying to prove them fake taking other old pictures of Pac and putting it over it and showing that they look exactly alike, and showing that there's no key in the ignition, and showing that the date on the picture is wrong make it skeptical. Who knows maybe there we're push start cars back then I still have figured that out for sure. Maybe he had the same facial expression and facial hair style in the picture and his head just happened to be tilted at the same angle. And perhaps the photographer just developed the film the next day. Who knows. We'll all know 100% by Dec 31 12:00 midnight this year if he'll come back or not. If not it's a shame. Does it mean he's dead? Absolutely not. Will the alive theories continue? Saying that he doesn't come back this year they most likely continue until it gets to the point where he'd be too old to be alive. I'm one of the biggest supporters of the alive theories and even I'm giving him only this year to return. But if he does not hey, I'll just catch his next album.

Gibbs 3 months ago

One thing is certain, and that is that modern pop & rap has been raped 7 days from sunday. Pac could fix this filth that's out now... I wanna think he's alive; we all need Pac right now.

Truth 3 months ago

Haha, you really think modern music is that bad huh? Well maybe it is. It would definitely benefit if Pac was alive and came back. I'm finding it hard to fathom that he will come back but who knows? I'm currently trying to find information to prove he is dead. There are some interesting arguments with the autopsy. I found a picture where someone pointed out that the Makaveli tattoo could be there but it's just hard to see. Other arguments state that it would be impossible to photoshop something that impressive in the 90's. Or that in the autopsy picture you can see where the doctors stitched him up where they removed his lung plus where a bullet hit him. It is arguably the best evidence supporting the claim he is dead. However the counterpoints against it are not to be ignored either. He is seen in the same position in the California Love video which is sketchy plus the whole Makaveli neck tattoo situation. Basically whoever figures out if the autopsy is real or not figures out if he is alive or not in my opinion.

Rich 3 months ago

Pac faking his death had nothing to do with Rap. It's way bigger than rap. When he comes back he will be a revolutionary. A general for the people. 6/13/2014

Truth 3 months ago

Those are some bold claims Rich. You believe he'll return three days before his birthday. Interesting but I'd like for you to explain more. Elaborate on your theory. Who knows if him faking his death, if he did because we can't rule out the possibility he didn't, but if he faked his death maybe he just wanted out the rap game. It didn't have to be some master plan to become the president of the United States or to return to destroy the Illuminati. Who knows though right. There are so many theories and supporting evidence for all of them which makes this topic so interesting for me. I'm calling it, I think if he returns these are the dates. 4/20/14 which I believe is the last day of the Coachella concert and it's Easter a biblical day known for Ressurection. Another weird thing is that the 20 and 14 make 2014 so take that as you will. Another date I'm looking out for is 6/16/14 which is his birthdate. He would be turning 43. 4 + 3 = 7. We all know the theories with the 7's. Another date could be 7/7/14 just because the 7's but I doubt it. But the days I'll be paying extra attention to will be the notorious 7 days. 9/7/14, 9/8/14, 9/9/14, 9/10/14, 9/11/14, 9/12/14, and last but certainly not least 9/13/14. If he does not return by 9/13/14 I will abandon belief that he will return although he could shock us all and return on 12/31/14 but what are the odds? Haha One thing you have to remember is that just because he does not return does not necessarily mean he is dead. It does support the idea that he is dead but it also supports the idea that he just wanted out of the spotlight away from all the bullshit the world had to offer. One day the truth will be revealed I know it and if not 50 years from now Pac would be dead anyways so the argument would be over anyways. This year is the year it all culminates. This is the peak, the climax, the culmination. Will he return? If he does what will happen? What will it mean for the future? If he doesn't where do the alive conspiracies go from here? Do they make up a new date? That would be stupid. I will refuse to believe he will return if he does not return this year but as long as I find no proof that he is dead then I will continue to believe he is alive. I will keep you guys posted.

Daniel 3 months ago

I hearded in a documentary, the same as where they ask the doctor about the weight differences that his social security number was still active. The interview was with Katja Schuurman from Dutch TV, wich includes a interview with the mother of Tupac, in 2000, 2001 i think. I dont hear anything about Assata and Cuba in your research? And check if it is legal to fake your own death, after how many years, and check if it is illegal to fake your artistname death? Maybe he lives under the name Tyrell Lesane or something? When he died they say he had one or two bankaccounts, one with 6000 us dollars, the other with maybe 100k. If you check the moneystreams, the cashflow, than we know more.

JoeE 3 months ago

I just dont know, i really dont.

as much as id like to believe such things, i cant help but just think its far-fetched. when you see his closest friend and family crying on documentaries? i know that it could all be part of a 'plan' but it just seems too crazy.

one things for certain, id love to wake up one morning, switch on the news and see the headline 'TUPAC SHAKUR ALIVE'

DRAKE 3 months ago

PAC gon' come back, you'll see.

Liam 3 months ago

From the evidence upon evidence ive seen theres more proof to show he's alive then dead. His music is crazily good and in the back of my head im always thinking "what if he did die" but all we can do is pray, pray hard and pray some more, legend neve die. Expect my back like you expect jesus!!

Truth 3 months ago

Yes Assata Shakur his aunt lives in Cuba and have you heard of a woman named Nehanda? She supposedly helped take care of Tupac when he was a young child. She also lives in Cuba. Coincidence? Maybe. All we can really do is wait. If he died, he died. We all die. It's inevitable. But just think of the ramifications if he is indeed alive, if he does come back it would not only shock the world but it would change the world. I get asked by everyone when I think he is coming back but I just tell them I don't know if he is. He has a movie that is supposedly being filmed around this time about him similar to Biggie's Notorious but hopefully way better. What if he returned by playing himself in the movie? Haha I haven't heard anything about who's playing him but truthfully I don't know if anyone can capture the charisma and character of Tupac except for Tupac himself. It would be nice to think he would come back but it does seem far fetched, but didn't a few years ago the thought of a 3d realistic hologram of a supposedly deceased musician performing seem far fetched too? People have faked their deaths since the beginning of taxes which is a long time ago. Actually people have faked their deaths before that and for many other reasons. The taxes thing was just a joke. Some of you got it. Haha Anyways Tupac had many reasons as to why he might have faked his death. So why the hell wouldn't he if he suppoesdly knew he was gonna die young? He saw "Death Around the Corner" and you don't think he would do anything about it? Maybe he just wanted it to be all over.

To Truth 3 months ago

Truth, you seem like you're trying to hit every target of information to pin-point it, and "show" that you were right, in an attempt to claim that... you were right.

Not insulting you or anything, just enlightening you to know, that, you don't need to do it my man. If you were right about all those pin-pointed thoughts that everyone has been thinking, excellent! I just hope you are not doing it in some form of, ego-pleasure.

But if you are spontaneously a know-it-all, and are just having fun saying what you know, ignore what I just said, lol.

anonymous 3 months ago

Thi2014 Resurrection. This is all very interesting and convincing. Truth, you are very intelligent in all of this, you were more convincing in the comments than any of the information in the article. Also, modern rap has grown....unpleasant. Eminem is still one of the best rappers in my opinion though. Its like this: Tupac started the book of rap, Eminem finished it, Lil' Wayne couldn't figure out how to read it, and Macklemore bought it for 99 cents

Soran 3 months ago

btw hes mother showed on the train with bags full of money from no where, why would she have alot of money and where did it come from?

well 2pac is getting richer and richer for every year going so 2014 13th june 3 days before he turns 43, he will be dominating the hip hop buisness again.

kristina 3 months ago

I believe he is alive, but the info on here about the 2 car theory needs to be researched more. Yes, there are pics of two BMW's from that night, the one pac and surge were in and the wagon type BMW belonged to Kidada Jones. frank Alexander was driving it behind surges car at Pac's request, just in case they got to drunk. That is why it seems as if there was two cars and two crime scenes.

Truth 3 months ago

I'm just trying to spread the information my man. Haha. This is all fun for me because the topic is so interesting.

Truth 3 months ago

Also, the two car theory is one that is a bit confusing. I've seen some videos regarding the crime scene which contain the so called BMW in it and since the shooting was so late at night it's very hard to see the back of the BMW. Is it a BMW or a BMW Station wagon? The rims on the wheels also have been the center of controversy. Whether or not they were multi spoke rimmed wheels or not, another question is what ever happened to the car after the shooting? Did the police just impound it? Did they search it thoroughly enough for evidence? But then again, the question many ask who bring up the car conspiracy is, was there even a shooting? Was it all like a Hollywood setup type deal? Or did Tupac actually get shot that night and survive but just chose not to tell anybody but the people who needed to know? These are the questions that need to be answered and will be revealed, one day.

IMET2PACININDY 3 months ago

I dont know if pac is alive or not but one things is for sure no rapper has ever had an effect on my life the way 2pac has. Even though i met him for a few short mins in indianapolis at the black expo in the 90s it felt like he was a long lost brother of mine. I hope he comes back hes the g.o.a.t

IMET2PACININDY 3 months ago

Oh shitttt i just stumbled on another weird random fact after reading afeni shakur net worth. She started Makaveli clothling 7 years after pacs death. HMMM.... I know its small but it fits in with the whole 7 theory

3 months ago

Everyone needs to get it out there and start some sort of publicity and build up to a date. Just make it big enough on the news all around the world to make sure he sees it and then just let every 2pac fan sit back and watch if he comes back on that date.

Truth 2 months ago

It's cool how many 7's there are when you really look into the situation.

waiting 2 months ago

Disappear on them ....wait umteen years and reappear on em.. you think its a game but he really watching.

Tha Truth 2 months ago

Tupac faked his death in order to escape the Illuminati, bankers, white collar criminals at the top of this social pyramid. It's obvious. I hope he does return this year and publically exposes these insane inhumane leaders. People burning qurans and religiously attacking each other due to the manipulation of the gov't. We need Tupac. The World be in unrest

marz 2 months ago

hes coming bak..7.7.14 ...am just a cuzn of hiz.

Truth 2 months ago

Please don't ruin shit by trying to impersonate me. I know you used the name Tha Truth but still. And waiting brought up that song Street Kingz by Hussein Fatal. EDI Mean made a video that supposedly had Pac in it called Thug Life 2013. It came out late last year, y'all should check it out along with that song and tell me what you think.

texas 2 months ago

Man if he is alive i dont think he would let people know where he's at remember if he is he's fooling his enemies to think he's in cuba he can be anywhere my be here in tha us dont know i do think he is alive but wont come back he should stay hiding...bad ass if he is one more thing who puts out 18 albums after they die....j/s

Texas 2 months ago

Look up kasanova on you tube and you can clearly see hes lip singing and that does sound like tupac

Catman 2 months ago

To what Truth commented 4 weeks ago; the illuminati wouldn't kill Tupac. The Illuminati is part of the Freemasons who have no sinister intent and they're a group of higher knowledge nowadays. You can join a local Freemason lodge if u want but it's not like they're attempting to rule the world.

Truth 2 months ago

Catman, it is true that you may join a local Freemason lodge, but what you said about the Illuminati being apart of Freemasonry is completely false. The Freemasons are the pathway to the Illuminati. One of the various pathways I might add as there may be more. And as for the Illuminati having no sinister intent... are you kidding? Maybe your local Freemason wouldn't but a corrupt Rockefeller type figure who would surely be apart of the Illuminati would surely have an agenda and if someone like Tupac stood in their way, much like Rockefeller's competitors stood in his way, they wouldn't hesitate to use every dirty, underhanded trick in the book to eliminate that threat. And the authorities wouldn't even bother to look into it because it's all apart of the way the system is built. It's corrupt. Much like Rockefeller had the government look the other way for him. The Illuminati is not attempting to rule the world, because they already do.

Wowiez 2 months ago

It's crazy all these conspiracies and things but you know it can be all a coincidence but for a coincidence to lead to all these theories who knows maybe he's dead maybe he's alive but if he doesn't show himself this year we may all have to consider the fact that maybe he is deceased:)

Truth 2 months ago

Wowiez you're right. That is something we all may have to consider if he doesn't return. The feeling will still be there though until there is undeniable proof he is dead. What if the return is nothing but a symbolic one? Similar to the hologram at the Coachella concert. What if an album were to be released this year or his long awaited movie was released? What if that was a sign saying you guys, I'm not gonna come back, I left for a reason, but here's a little something to provide some closure. You would have to think that a man as busy as Pac, making movies, going to parties, concerts, making music videos, wouldn't have had enough time to do all the things they said he did. You have a lot of time on your hands while your in jail but the timeline in the songs released after his death don't add up, as many sound like they were made either after he got out and was knee deep into Death Row, or from his younger days. Now what would you think? What would you believe if another Pac album came out and his style was the way it was when he was with Death Row? Or what if this was how he revealed himself to be alive to the public without having to come back. Over the years he made song after song after song and amassed a huge collection of albums which we saw released every year. If only. Afeini said she vowed to release all of her sons work which has yet to occur. We will see. Hopefully this year. It would be amazing to see that Tupac is alive and I would love it if he is, but what I want truthfully whether he is dead or alive is closure. Will we ever get it is perhaps the biggest question of them all.

PoeticPhilosophy profile image

PoeticPhilosophy 2 months ago from Canada Hub Author

New article with unknown facts posted. Click my name "PoeticPhilosophy, here in the comment section, or at the top of the article on the right-hand corner to see the article. You will find it ;).

Brooklyn 2 months ago

Really, this is utter crap. How many of you were even alive for this. My guess, not many of you! Please let this end. How do you think these crazy theories make his family feel. No matter how great he was( which he was) you guys do not the real man! Only his family knows the real person that he is, let it go!

babs 2 months ago


gomzone 2 months ago

Biggie wants to be part of a theory :'(

confusionof2pacsdeath 2 months ago

Maybe he faked that he was cremated to prove to people he is dead.... Why wasn't he burried or has he always wanted to be cremated?? If we are in 2014 now, and everything adds up to the number 7, will he return on the seventh month? If so I wonder what day.... I believe if he faked his death it was because he was in danger, I wouldn't blame him! If he does come back, this would shock the world like never before! I will be waiting for this yr to find out, if not then I wonder what the world would believe.

BETTY LANE 2 months ago


Louise 2 months ago

Pac will be returned on 10th December 2014.

Lousi 2 months ago

2pac is not dead! and i rather want him to live his life with his thug friends and family then coming back and have all eyes on him

Sam 2 months ago

I believe Pac is still alive, but wont come back. I mean you fake ur own death just to come back when your 43, seems far fetched. I believe he wanted out of this racist unbalanced society. And i know if i was shot 4 times, stared death in the face, then came back i would be scared. Another thing, he would rather have died than go back to jail, if he comes back im sure the government would not necessarily kill him but try to get rid of him by sending him back to jail... In any case i would love to wake up one morning to a new tupac album

tupac4ever 2 months ago

Only god knows

Nkululeko Ntuli 2 months ago

PAC is alive,hopefully he comes back.the rap industry will change 4 sure from being this fake rap industry it is right now!

Elijah 2 months ago

This is hard evidence proving tupac is alive he said it himself. Do u guys remember this at the end of the song until the end of time? "I don't know what it is that got me acting all crazy out here... Guess, it's just my own environment, how you people be treating me. Shit... I'll be back in awhile, ain't no mystery - you get what you give, feel me? I'll come one day/I ain't dead. I can't tell you why... Maybe it's the thug in me..." He said this.

jojo 2 months ago

Maybe truth is tupac? Haha

Truth 2 months ago

Many lyrics in Pac's songs were cryptic, many things Pac said were cryptic. Pac was a cryptic person, as for the person going off saying I didn't know him in person, how could I say he faked his death? How do I think his family feels? Well one I didn't know him but neither did you. Two I can say he faked his death as much as you can say he is dead, how do you think his family feels when people like you drag his family into shit? Hell maybe that's one reason he faked his death, so he wouldn't have to deal with ignorant people like yourself. I have done my research. I assume you haven't. You have presented no evidence supporting your claim therefore how can you expect people to follow your lead. You gotta give people a reason to follow man. If I had niggas trying to claim my life, trying to steal what was mine, I wouldn't hesitate to fake my death. That doesn't make me a coward. If anything that makes me ten times the man you are for having to go without seeing my family, and those who were down with me. Would you be able to do that Brooklyn? Btw I have a cousin named Brooklyn. That's what we call him. His name is Robert, but we call him Brooklyn. Peace out for now.

Raymond sam 2 months ago

So is he going to be coming back on the same day of he's fake death?

Truth 2 months ago

Nobody knows for sure. If he comes back, it could be the anniversary of the shooting, it could be the anniversary of his "death", it could be some day we're not even expecting. I always stick to the evidence and I have no evidence suggesting a date so I'm as clueless as the next guy. It could be his 43rd birthday on June 16 which is just a couple days after mine. It could be something to do with the 7's and be on 7/7/14. Who knows? Only God right? God and Pac if he's still with us, which I believe he is. I have always said to myself, what if he doesn't come back? Does that mean he's dead? Not necessarily. I think we should calm down with the theories if he does not return and it would be a big feather in the cap of those who believe he is dead. But I am a believer that he faked his death to live a peaceful life away from the media, away from all the bullshit, not to mention away from the people trying to kill his ass. So why come back. It would take some guts to come back to this shit after 18 years of being gone but who knows maybe he's missed it. As for the people using this as the only thing supporting the claim that he's dead, "Pac would never be able to keep quiet this long." Who said he has? If he's alive, some of those posthumous songs had to have been written postmortem. Perhaps he may have ghost written (no pun intended) for some artists. Who knows? Listen to "Ballad of a Dead Souljah" came out in 2001 on the album Until the End of Time. Nice track, cryptic message, listen closely and remember everything I've said.

PoeticPhilosophy profile image

PoeticPhilosophy 2 months ago from Canada Hub Author

Apparently, the date of his return is on the "barcode" of The 7 Day Theory Album, which is, June/13th/2014.

Truth 2 months ago

I've heard about that. That video seemed a little sketchy to me, I don't know, it is a little conspicuous sounding that that date would appear on a barcode. The question is, what is the significance of the date?

tupac4life 2 months ago

I'm pretty sure pacs in cuba with his domestic terrorist aunt and his kids i want him to come back too but if he wants to stay quiet let him be i would want to cool down if i was him but we do need him now to straighten up this shit stain we call rap

Truth 2 months ago

Assata Shakur, first female to be on America's Most Wanted list as a major threat to homeland security. What kind of bs is that?

kingtaai 8 weeks ago

Come back mr shakur...I'm your no1 fan miss you a lot@south africa

Z.W 8 weeks ago

Truth, I think your predictions and theories are great, in some ways I think it would be incredible if makaveli came back not just for the rap game, but to show everyone how inspiring he is as a person. I respect both sides of the argument how he could be gone or he could be out there waiting to come back to finish off the wonderful story and predictions that people have made, although I sometimes drift more to believe he still is alive. I tried studying him also and tried finding other information but I guess we have most of it here. Even though I am eighteen I study everything to do with hip hop because I love it that much, although raps near enough dead now its not to late to think it might not come back.

Truth 7 weeks ago

Z.W exactly, there could always be a resurgence in the rap game and if Pac were to come back things would undoubtedly change. Have you ever stopped and wondered if Pac came back, how he'd do it? I ponder this every time I think about this subject. Would it be via a live appearance? Would he release an album announcing it and then return to the public eye after? John Singleton is directing the new Tupac biopic, who has the ability to play the iconic role of Tupac? Maybe his return will be on the big screen shocking the world even more once it hits theaters. I find it rather unlikely that this could happen as each day passes but perhaps it's just so shocking a thing that even I, a long supporter of the Tupac alive theories can't imagine him returning. This is why I am so excited for this year. This year is going to be historic one way or another.

somenigga 7 weeks ago


Truth 7 weeks ago

Somenigga, (haha) you may be right, but how do you know for sure? The reason many of us have researched this topic is to find the truth. I can tell you haven't even considered any of the evidence suggested let alone research Pac, his music, his life, or his death based on the fact that you make uneducated claims without anything to support what you're saying. Other than that, have a nice day somenigga, and peace until next time.

Nina 7 weeks ago

Its funny you mantion the number 7... if he faked his death at 25, then comes back 18 years later he would be 43... 4+3=7 You just never know. Stranger things have happened.

Z.W 7 weeks ago

If he ever did return, I think he would have an album already mastered for when he returns, just think what that album would be like for a minute, the story's and how he fooled everyone, taking vengeance on east coast, and don't get it twisted, I am a big fan of B.I.G. and Mobb deep, but if he is to return, the rap game will be back, and the rivalries might? but in the end, if Tupac is the same cat that he was almost 18 years ago, there will be fireworks towards his enemies. But Makaveli would be back!

Truth 7 weeks ago

If Pac came back I'm pretty sure anything he had against B.I.G. he'd drop, simply because he won. Why continue blasting Biggie after. Maybe new rivalries will start with new rappers and boy would I love to see Pac blast Lil Wayne or some of these other rappers that think they're so amazing like Kanye. It would be the same Pac, but he'd also have a different attitude. Pulling such a scheme off would definitely change someone and with age comes wisdom. Pac was already a wise person so would he make the mistake of starting beef again? Or is it just in his nature? Trouble seems to find him. Remember Pac would be turning 43 this year. Maybe he would just be above all of that dissing and blasting of rappers... or maybe not. Haha Maybe he's been watching these rappers and writing material on them ever since he left.

eeytt 7 weeks ago


anon 7 weeks ago

i have so many things to say but dont wanna type....i honestly dont believe hes dead since the evidence is so convincing...but weather hes dead or not his mom knows...i read that the outlawz smoked some of his ash with weed after he was cremated, what about the remainder of the ash does his mom have that as souvenir in her house...i think the only way to really know if he dead or not is to get those ash and get some kinda dna test or some shit performed on them if its possible i dunno....but its the only solid thing i could have think of

Z.W 7 weeks ago

He would have squashed the beef with BIG anyway, he was on the road to fixing it before he was shot and apparently pronounced dead. But every man holds grudges, and in 'The Prince' (Niccolo Machiavelli's book) it claims he vanishes and comes back to take vengeance on his enemies, fair enough he might be older and more wiser, but why else would he fool everyone by faking his death, if he wasn't going to make a point of being Makaveli, why did he run? if he ran?. I would love him to come back and smoke Lil Wayne and all the young money fags, but

more Lil Wayne for claiming he was the next Tupac.

Truth 7 weeks ago

That dude has potential to play Pac. Perhaps, time will tell. And naw man Niccolo Machiavelli's book The Prince doesn't directly suggest faking ones death, in the Art of War it says in order to overthrow your enemies you must fool them. This is not a direct quote but you get my point. It is implied in the text that faking your death can aid you in this task. There has been much discussion over whether Niccolo Machiavelli has ever faked his death and I have studied him extensively along with other historical figures like Giacomo Casanova which is where Kasinova got his name from. There is no historical evidence suggesting Machiavelli faked his death. He just advocated it to fool one's enemies.

Benny oh benny 7 weeks ago

He must have been a reincarnated ancient pharaoh. An ancient king that was believed by many to be god and expected to be immortal.. only after his reign to be put in a mausoleum, mummificated, for travel into an afterlife. Death comes to us all. The spirit part that wanted real immortality got into tupac, and he did his job in the right era, reaching many people worldwide, ending a mortal existence again for the last time, with his life, career, and death a great mystery to everyone.

jongi frm South Africa 6 weeks ago

Tupac is alive ,I hv bn tryng to accept da fact dat he is dead bt my heart does nt wnt to accept....(Come back Makaveli) we are all waiting 4 u ,,,I really dig dat nigga mhan,,,2014 is da year !!!

Amy 6 weeks ago

to go with the 7 theory-

Tupac would be 43 this year 4 + 3 = 7

Tupac was born on june the 16th 6 + 1 = 7

he also ''died'' at 25 2 + 5 = 7

maybe he will come back on his birthday?

nobody knows,i just hope he does

but its probably more likely for him to come back on the 7/7/14

Bmack 6 weeks ago

he is alive and he will not come back because of the listed he wants "change" he is sick of the elite its gonna be wild seeing what happens

Truth 6 weeks ago

Believe me, even if Pac does not come back this year, the next few years will be some of the most craziest years for many different reasons. We haven't seen the last or heard the last of Pac. There's still more music, there's still his movie. We will get our dosage of Tupac in the near future.

Truth Z 6 weeks ago

He will come back, but as a very different man...

nobody 5 weeks ago

don't go make things about his back don't judge and there is no one to blame are you all insane stay loyal to the game no one knows what he has done but he will be under the rising sun night and day stay away what else you all want to say he deserve to be where ever he might be don't go around searching me that's all he would say to stay away night and day till the day we meet again in my heart is where I keep you friend amen

Lil Wayne 5 weeks ago

I will shoot myself if he comes back.

paczlife(aquil) 5 weeks ago

Tupac is alive and well,there's no proof enough to provide that he had being shot and died,the fact that tupac was being prosecuted for something that he dint do and created enemies,well more like haters...but I dnt knw bwt url but if pac is alive I dnt care wen he comes back or exact date,his my role model and my love for music,song with meanings comes best from em,I'll just be happy is back,and when he dose return I hope mac donalds as place for lil wayne n m&m and which ever rapper thinks that they better coz his the god of rap and king of hearts... Long live makaveli.....thuglife till we die...

RG 5 weeks ago

After reading all the comments and think questioning ever since a younger age (17 now) I still feel as if he's still alive.

Truth 5 weeks ago

Lil Wayne hahahaha.

He's dead 5 weeks ago

Truth he's dead stop it he died September 8 1996 17 years ago how cn he possibly be dead wouldn't he be like 50 now

anaiehR 5 weeks ago

Plus 7 is God's number. Long live Pac! He been alive, acknowledging all those niggas that oppose.

Truth 5 weeks ago

He could possibly be dead, I'm not doubting that, you're just not acknowledging the truth that there is more supporting evidence suggesting that he had a motif to fake his death, had the tools, brainpower, and guts to do it, and that he fled to some unknown location than there is evidence suggesting that he is in fact dead. No body, no grave, no crime scene, no accurate coroners report which is supposed to be a legal document, no public service like Biggie's, no witnesses besides Suge Knight who has gone off saying cryptic stuff like "maybe the question is Pac not dead, Pac somewhere else..." And "nobody seen 2Pac dead." Then the other witness Kadafi is gone under suspicious circumstances as well. But let me not get something else started. There is also that white lady that said she saw Tupac get carried off in a helicopter at the crime scene so... That's up to anyone's interpretation what happened to her. Was she an actress? Did Pac really get carried off in a helicopter? Was it his escape plan or did he get shot for real and survive? Maybe he did maybe he didn't. If the people who get on this site would take the damn time to read what I had to say, rather than assuming I am guaranteeing a return and that he is 100 percent alive, they would know I believe it is more possible that he be alive than dead. Who knows maybe he faked his death and died for real in like 2004. We wouldn't know. So the only way to solve this is to see if he comes back or wait until the crime gets solved and all questions get answered. People need to read what I type. He's Dead is being ignorant by telling me to stop it when all I am trying to do is investigate a mystery that has been around since '96. And if you knew something about 2Pac or read anything on this site at all you'd know that this year he'd be turning 43, not 50. He supposedly died on the 13th of September not the 8th. Shows how much dead supporters even know about Tupac.

PoeticPhilosophy profile image

PoeticPhilosophy 5 weeks ago from Canada Hub Author

Truth: "The white ladies" name is "Paige Hemmis" host of the show "Extreme Makeover". Some think Tupac paid her off for the camera she had in the interview, because she said he was taken off in a helicopter, and.. was holding a camera which is why.. some think she "may" have got it on tape, but then... there is a video that "might" show her "with" Tupac, Suge, and others, so then the question is... was it all to create confusion? ;)

Also why others think that, is because she was unknown before she made that appearance on the news of her stating she saw Tupac in a helicopter.

Truth 5 weeks ago

Yeah, PoeticPhilosophy it's all so interesting to think about. "Paige Hemmis" ehh? I'm gonna have to look into that sometime. I never knew much about her and I could never find anything relating to her. All I ever saw that related to her was a video of Frank Alexander with some man asking people to find "the white lady." They called her a liar, a rumor starter, and claimed they didn't know why she would say that. But perhaps this is also to bring about confusion and skepticism.

Anon 4 weeks ago

It's 2014, where's Tupac?

He's dead 4 weeks ago

I'm just kidding around truth. I personally do not think he's dead. To much leading to he's alive and the white ladie is famous now

Whisper 4 weeks ago

He is alive. I have done so much research in this area trying to decode to decipher to unravel the truth and I feel certain in my heart that he is alive. I don't know If he will return. I hope. I wish. But I really don't know. If your enemies are calling the hospital after gunning you down, with death threats on what is left of your life could you blame him for not returning? I don't think he's a coward for leaving. I get it. Trust nobody. He said in the prison interview I'm going to give you guys one more chance.... And if you don't act right I'm out. The man got shot down... Again. He also said something in that interview that to this day alot of people missed, he said you may find me out somewhere with my nose all cut up.... Meaning he may even resort to plastic surgery. What more proof do you need?! Because if you really need more I have more. He is alive. Case closed. People please wake up. And truth, thank you for educating yourself on this topic before just blurting out nonsense.

Truth 4 weeks ago

Thank you so much Whisper for the compliment, and for providing that information as well. I'm pretty certain this should be a closed case. Pac must be alive. A return may be asking for too much, but one thing is for sure, Tupac Shakur had a plan for survival. The signs are everywhere. One would have to be blind not to see them. Pac had a plan and he certainly had to have carried it out. Just place yourself in his shoes. What would you do?

Whisper 4 weeks ago

I think Pac makes his appearances from time to time. Maybe for the thrill of being spotted and keeping us guessing. I have several theories on what might've became of him. The first one being he was seriously injured and is now unable to preform.

With all of the social and racial injustices going on here in America (ie. Trayvon Martin) it's hard to believe that he's just sitting there biding his time with a closed mouth watching from the rafters. But who knows, you live and you get older and with age comes a calm.

I know that alot of people are wishing for his return as if he's black Jesus. Like somehow he's going to rescue us or at least give us hope. I know it wouldn't be a rescue but I do think his return would render me and quite a few others speechless. But what would he do after his return? He couldn't dissapear again.

Think about this....He's had 17 years to rebuild his life. In a sense to come out of hiding would be like dying all over again. Metaphorically it would be like reincarnation. And we all know his thoughts on that. "My only fear of death is reincarnation". So why would he return? To turn the new weakened rap game on its ear? To enter into the political arena? Is it enough? Is it really enough to inspire him to leave this 17 year life that he has rebuilt for himself?

When it's phrased like that to me his return seems highly doubtful. I'm sure he misses some aspects of his former life that's why it wouldn't surprise me in the least to find that he lurks around on these forums and reads and perhaps joins in the discussions with a sly smile spread upon his face and thinks to himself, "if they only knew!"

alex 4 weeks ago

In the extra reasons you state that there was no autopsy, yet in the video it says that there was an autopsy but with an alleged fake body or Photoshop. Either way I have to question your credibility. Although the Tupac death and all the sightings in Haiti are very suspicious

Whisper 4 weeks ago

But Alex if i may Ask, Isn't that what makes this a conspiracy? The fact that there are conflicting stories.... I personally believe that the autopsy photos are fake. Why wasn't his head on a block? What is that metallic thing on his neck? Some say its a necklace others claim it's a device used to hold his head and upper portion of his body down. I did some amature research of my own and looked at coroner equipment available for purchase and I haven't been able to find such a device used in an autopsy that resembles the one in the picture. If it is a necklace it would've been removed prior to the autopsy. I understand that the doctor said there was an autopsy preformed, maybe there was maybe there wasn't. But according to the friends and family members that were able to see Tupac in the hospital, they all claimed that he was unrecognizable due to the large amount of swelling. According to yoyo she claimed his head was swollen to the size of a watermelon and his middle finger on his right hand was missing. She said that was the way he looked the last day she saw him which was on the 6th day. So if he was that swollen on the 6th day where did all the swelling go in the autopsy photo taken the following day?.....

With that said, there are going to be various stories for every thing involved in this case. It's just a matter of what you believe and how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together after you've chosen your own scenario.

Also no one here is saying we have all the answers. I claim I have a lot of clues but not all of the answers. You would have to be tupac to have all of the facts.

dobbo8 4 weeks ago

If hes alive who is helping him

Whisper 4 weeks ago

Ahh dobbo8, that is the million dollar question. Who would be included in this? The no grapes theory claimed the black liberation army was helping him.

I'm certain his mother, his sister Assata, Mutulu, and mopreme would know. The rest is speculation. Lol honestly isnt it all speculation? i guess it would depend on what story you would like to believe. What do they say? It's not a secret once you tell someone. There's too much to lose by everyone knowing. So I wouldn't think that there are too many out there that know it.

As to who is helping him, that would depend on where he is.

If you believe that suge was in on it and didnt set him up then some think that him saying tupac may actually be alive was a threat of sorts to get more hush money.

I personally think suge was one of the ones responsible and wasn't included in the plan.

Actually I don't think there really was a plan. I think tupac thought about escaping the rap game on his own terms but I honestly think he was snuck out of the hospital once he was coherent. He did it once before under the alias of Bob Day. And the news reports said he was expected to make a full recovery. Even yo yo claimed tupac was trying to tell her something on the last day that she saw him. So no one expected him to die. Another odd thing was that he died alone. No one was there in the room with him. If it was my child I wouldn't leave his side. If it was my fiance' I wouldn't leave his side. So how was he alone? Again conflicting stories.

If he was snuck out then there would have to be major pay offs to have him declared dead. Or, there would have to be some sort of police or government protective assistance. Hmmmmm....

Truth 4 weeks ago

To fix one of your statements Whisper, his mother was actually there at the time he "died" as she was the one who told the doctors to pull the plug. Oddly enough it happened to be at 4:03 which of course had to add to 7. The only thing I cannot comprehend about Suge Knight being involved would be why would he be driving the car that 2Pac was supposed to get shot in? He is at least twice his size. Is he that stupid? Or just that smart? The whole grazed by a bullet business was shady. I've heard that doctors said he wasn't grazed by a bullet at all, rather a piece of glass that broke and flew off and cut him. He says that "nobody has seen Tupac dead." The only people who would have would be the doctors, his mother, and the person who performed the autopsy who was paid 3 million dollars supposedly by Suge of his own money (strange) then suddenly retired, vanished into the sun, into the sunset. Maybe the symbolic killer of Tupac was Tupac himself. He took himself out the game by faking his death. Suge who owed him money gave him 3 million and he rode into the sunset. He was the mystery man who performed this "autopsy." But that's just a theory. Then again that's the point. This whole thing is a theory. Did 2Pac Shakur die September 13th, 1996 or did he live on? That is the million dollar question. Once that question gets solved without any doubts in anyone's mind then we can find out how? And why? And with who? "There are secrets that will come out and then you'll know, why I did it." Words from Tupac himself.

Whisper 4 weeks ago

Well put truth. When I made the claim he died alone I was referencing a direct quote from a source magazine interview with yoyo.

This is the piece of the interview I got it from.......

Yoyo: The next day, I went to go see him and I told his mom that I was leaving because I knew he was going to be all right. I got home and his sister called my cell phone and the phone kept hanging up. I called to the hospital and the wouldn't let me speak to nobody. I was like, "Is Pac dead? Did he die?" Girl, I was going crazy. They told me Pac died in his room by himself. Every time I think about it, I think he was trying to tell me something. When I get to heaven I'm going to ask him, "what were you trying to tell me?" I'll never forget it.

So once again very conflicting accounts. To me it would make sense that Afeni was with him the whole time but who told YoYo he was alone?

Whisper 4 weeks ago

You know truth, When I step back and reread both of our statements it raises a red flag! Since when does hospital staff tell a non family member over the phone a patients condition and go on to say not only did he die but he died alone...... It's almost as if they wanted to get the message out that he was dead and that there were no witnesses so there wouldn't be more questions....very orchestrated! Do you see it?! or Am I trippin right now over this?

dobbo8 4 weeks ago

In vegas you can pay anyone off.dead or alive a few people got some good pay outs either way

Whisper 4 weeks ago

It seems so dobbo8

Kane951mc 4 weeks ago from Riverside, California

now whisper and truth have you guys heard the song that pac made named "god bless the dead" no ones talked about that yet and in the song he speaks about biggie smalls and in way squashing the beef wit him and clearly if your know your history pac died before biggie and they still had beef before pac died so whats ur take on that?

Whisper 4 weeks ago

Ok so I've done a little digging around Kane95mc and, this is what I've found ....

Here's a post from a message board:

"After emailing ppl to try and figure this thing out I finally got a response from someone who's affiliated with Live Squad. The guy who emailed me knows Majesty and them and is connected to the upcoming Live Squad documentary: The Tribute.

"According to them "God Bless The Dead" was recorded for a Live Squad Crew member named "Biggie Smalls" AKA "DRIC" (totally different from any of the other Biggies mentioned in previous posts.)

"This Biggie Smalls was from Queens and used to hold Pac down whenever he was in town. He died on some kinda beef and since he was cool with Pac and Stretch they decided to record a song and dedicate it in his name. This dude wasnt a rapper or none of that. He was a regular street ***** from Queens and a friend of Pac and Stretch. ......

I'm not buying it. I think this would have to be confirmed by stretch himself and that is going to be a bit of a problem since he's dead. Perhaps stretch's brother Majesty would know but I'm not buying the whole friend of a friend story.

Odd that this has never been better confirmed! Wow. The clues just keep coming....

Whisper 4 weeks ago

And by the way, Thank you for that kane951mc!

Ok, so I told you guys I had some more clues. I have a question for you guys. I watch a lot of Tupacs videos and interviews and I've noticed some things that I've never heard mentioned before.

In Tupac's video "I ain't mad at cha", when tupac goes to heaven he meets Redd fox. Redd fox looks at Tupac and he says, it took me a long time to make it here but you.... You're gonna have to earn your way.

Ok, I'm confused... Is tupac not in heaven? If he is then why would he have to earn his way there after he's already there?

Or is that just a near death experience?....

Is tupac really dead in that video? Is it a clue? Is it a hint?

Watch it and tell me your take on that.

Truth 4 weeks ago

The clues and coincidences keep on flowing in. Definitely in the video it seems suspicious that he says that as if Pac were not already in heaven. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but the whole video alludes to the way in which the murder happened supposedly in real life as we were told to believe. He was with his friend leaving a show when an unknown assailant shoots Pac. Killing him but leaving his friend uninjured. Now look at the Hail Mady video. The same actor that played the friend is in this video and he is in jail and bring accused for killing Pac. He holds a picture up of him and Pac together and oddly enough in the video Pac comes back from the dead and "takes care" of those who did him wrong. The friend in jail accused of murdering Pac is obviously Suge. Yes Whisper you are right also about the God Bless the Dead theory where they claim there is another person named Biggie Smalls. I have trouble buying it as well but who knows? With Stretch gone, which raises another question as to how he was killed. He was once close with Pac and after the Quad studios shooting Pac knew Stretch had sold him up the river. So a year later to that same date that Pac was shot, Stretch was shot and killed. Hmmmm... Not saying Pac killed him, just saying he probably had something to do with it, and he knew what he was doing at all times in advance. He always had a plan. Listen to Against All Odds if you want to hear the truth from Pac himself about what happened at Quad Studios. Notice how he does not mention Biggie. This was on the Don Killuminati album the last album Biggie would see of Pac before he died. The album was released after Pac supposedly died and he made it all in 7 days. I just stated numerous other coincidences adding to the others so take that as you may. I would love to hear a person who genuinely believes he's dead come on here and attempt to even support themselves but the truth is they cannot. The evidence, coincidences, facts, etc... are overwhelming.

GiGi 4 weeks ago

he's alive of course and i bet he already seen this page and is laughing his ass off or be like: hmm they are on to me , better prepare for my big comeback!!

William Mercado 4 weeks ago

I haven't heard any of Tupac's songs or watched any of his videos but I do believe he is alive. I just stumbled upon his death and got interested.

Kane951mc 4 weeks ago from Riverside, California

yea I find that kind of hard to believe hes talking about another biggie smalls I mean yea pac is a world wide gangsta so I bet he ran into people that had a common name but to have met two biggie smalls that had an impact in his life is kinda hard to believe or a big ass coincides like everything else that has to do with this case and sorry if this sounds stupid but whos Redd Fox and who was he to pac?

Whisper 4 weeks ago

Redd foxx was an old school comedian.....This whole thing has so many twists and turns! I have been reading up on Jimmy henchman and Haitian Jack and their affiliation with 2pac. That right there is a wild story! Thanks to Truth for mentioning it, I read up again on the quad studio shooting and how many people that were involved including Stretch the guy that made God bless the dead with 2pac. After reading up on these guys and finding out more of their backgrounds it sorta twisted my thoughts on things.

Now don't get me wrong I still think 2pac is alive. I still believe he leaves and has left clues. But it's messing me up on my opinions of who shot 2pac in Vegas.

These men that 2pac was messing with were gangsters. Like real life street certified not to be messed with gangsters. The claim was made that Haitian Jack was the only guy mike Tyson was afraid of. Biggie had warned Pac not to have beef with Haitian Jack, after he was set up on rape charges. Mike Tyson even warned Pac. But Pac was so angry about the rape case and the fact that everyone else was getting off with slaps on the wrists and he was being crucified that he let everyone know his thoughts on the other people involved which of course included Haitian Jack.

Pac told everyone Haitian jack was an informant, a snitch. That's when the quad shooting popped off and PAC knew he'd been setup.

So the makaveli album emerges and it's filled with anger and rage and revenge and tupac pointing people out and calling people out. That album right there pissed alot of people off. A lot of the wrong people. People that werent used to getting called out. people that damn near everyone feared.

That took an amazing amount of courage. But surely he knew he was on borrowed time when that album dropped. He pissed off alot of people. ....So now that I know a little more background I feel as if maybe he did have a plan. I told you before I wasn't so sure there was even a plan at first but now after educating myself a little more I feel as if he would've been a fool not to have had one. And tupac was no fool. So that was perhaps tupac's last big fuck you to everyone that did him in as well as a farewell and an album stocked with hidden clues for us to find for years to come

-Picture jewels being handed to an innocent child.

Mo G Veli 3 weeks ago

Im sure hes alive...3 days ago i find a very nice point and it makes me stronger to believe that hes alive.. :) Check the Video from 2pac- I wonder if heaven got a ghetto. U can clearly see that 2pac is lyieng on the bed. Very Strane cuz this video was taken after 2pac "Died" . So why is 2pac on this video, when he died in september.. very strange check it up.. its in the beginning 0-30 secs from video or so.. Check that up and pm me here :)

Truth 3 weeks ago

Whisper hit it right on the head.

Slim Shady 3 weeks ago

hes alive you guys wait and see

Knowledge 3 weeks ago

I find it very strange if you search up the video 2pac, dre, Chris trucker on YouTube at the end a white girl with the same facial structure and nose as Paige huff aka Paige hemmis what is she doing in the video there's a 99% chance she was paid off by outlawz.

Truth 3 weeks ago

That's a good find Knowledge. If that is indeed her, it is too obvious that the death of Tupac was staged because why is she there in that video and also in the video of her claiming she saw Tupac get carried off in a helicopter? As if she had no ties to him and just happened to be there in Vegas when it happened. Now she's famous and on a tv show. She had to have been affiliated with and paid off by Death Row. Be on the look out for her in other Pac interviews, videos, etc... Let's see what we can find.

Don't ya think? 3 weeks ago

Hmm I feel that you all are over thinking this whole thing. Tupac most likely died and you guys are taking every single clue & blowing it up making it seem like its a 100% proven fact. I mean this FED'S ain't even work as hard as y'all let alone the crime scene.

Addressing Truth 3 weeks ago

You and all y'all should throw some alleged and allegedly's out there you know making it clear to others it ain't

Knowledge 3 weeks ago

Well don't ya think so. Your telling us to just sit back and be closed minded and not look at all the clues. Yes something's may not make sense but there's more pointing towards he's alive then dead I can reassure that. And if you are like many of us things do not add up he has to be alive. And yes truth very strange indeed had me wondering lol.

Knowledge 3 weeks ago

Well don't ya think so. Your telling us to just sit back and be closed minded and not look at all the clues. Yes something's may not make sense but there's more pointing towards he's alive then dead I can reassure that. And if you are like many of us things do not add up he has to be alive. And yes truth very strange indeed had me wondering lol.

Frankie 3 weeks ago

Just a thought what if he's alive and logs into the internet to read what's said about him, what if he was reading this? I highly doubt it but then again....

Truth 3 weeks ago

Don't ya think? Maybe there was a reason the FEDs didn't investigate into the murder as much as we are. We also are not claiming it all to be 100 percent fact, not all of it. We are claiming that it is 100 percent coincidental the way all these theories and stories of what happened according to reporters, friends, investigators, witnesses, family, and Tupac himself contradict each other and go against each other. Maybe we are just overthinking this all and he is dead but where is the evidence. I see reports of dead celebrities all the time on social media. What is Twitter today but yesterday's 9'0 clock news? Anyone could believe a celebrity has died due to what the media presents without any evidence at all. It just goes to show how reliant we are on the media. They only let us hear what they allow us to. If Tupac had planned to fake his death, him and his crew could've certainly paid off a few doctors, a local no name news station, and then after word gets out here comes Fox News saying Tupac Shakur has been shot and other media outlets claiming the same all because of that original report. Plant a so called witness, a.k.a. "The White Lady", here to add to the confusion, and add all the other factors that would make understanding why and how Tupac would fake his death sound confusing to another person and you have a situation so covered that nobody would even attempt to figure this whole scenario out. Except a few. But then again those few surely won't be believed. It's all too crazy to think that someone like Tupac could fake his death. Ordinary people do it all the time. So maybe it isn't as crazy as we make it seem.

Don't Ya think? 3 weeks ago


That's true. When people go on social media saying EX ."RIP Jay Z killed in a car accident in Queens, NY Today". They are sketchy people who post fake stories to gain attention to those susceptible people. Their information is not on the news nor is it confirmed or posted by any confirmed sources. Tupac's situation was not like those you see on social media. I agree with you there is always that chance of Tupac and his people paying off doctors and such. But that's just another possibility. For all you know I could be Tupac but you will never know until you have hardcore evidence our self. I wanna get back to the part about paying off people. In my opinion I feel that like I said its a possibility but most likely not true because #1 I can't see people agreeing to keep a high profile case under wraps for years just for Tupac to pull a Makaveli. #2 simply Tupac couldn't be Chillin for this long its just un natural for Tupac to stay low and quiet when he was the type of guy to not GAF and speak his mind. He was shot and laughed it off saying you didn't finish your job. And calling people out so to the people who say he fled cus he cheeky his life was in danger you can rule that out he was arrogant and wouldn't hide. Its been too long. Therefore I feel in my opinion that as Tupac fans we would say it has been brought up in maybe every country that he's dead. Evidence that he was shot and since there seems to be a lack of evidence claiming he is out hiding we should embrace his life and say rest in Peace. Not take every coincidence into consideration and prove that he is still alive.

Knowledge 3 weeks ago

Don't Ya Think? I agree but that could be what he wants you to think. I cant even think of anyone at the age of 25, Making so much music that young and to know he was going to die? Who does that and has sure other celebrities has released music but not tupac. Even his mother said theres so music left and stuff left there could be more than 5 other albums made. That's something very strange. Then your saying as if you know tupac you never know what people would do for there saftey and for the sake of there family so him being arrogant and other non sense is crazy cause no matter how rich or famous i was if someone was trying to kill me and harm my love ones i would do what ever it takes for my and their safety.Plus it hasnt been 18 years. He would only be 43... after 2014 then ill consider i was wrong.

anonym 3 weeks ago

I think he returns 25/7 or 7/7

Whisper 3 weeks ago

I understand the thought process of letting it go and allowing Tupac to rest in peace. I understand that but everytime I try to leave it alone something pops up to convince me not to. I know to some it would seem that those of us that believe are crazy. Ill admit that I don't tell too many people about my intrest in this for fear of being ridiculed. Although the people that i have told are amused by my hobby and think im silly. So beyond the threat of being teased about it I don't see anything wrong with asking what if. I'm not hurting anyone with it. It interests me and gives me something to do in some of my free moments. And I do have a life outside of it. I'm not some weirdo on my computer obsessed with it with news clippings, maps, and pictures of Tupac pasted on my walls lol. I'm just your average Joe with a hobby that keeps me from being bored at times. With that said, We are not preventing Tupac from resting in peace. I'm sure he's resting in peace regardless of wether I am looking at all the facts or not. We Tupac truthers have the upmost respect for Tupac. He was an amazing and talented individual. So when someone that amazing touches down here on earth and makes an impact on the world with his music and with his views on our society, it's hard to let go.

Tupac had this quality that few others possessed he was able to be a thug and still be embraced by the mainstream. They teach classes in colleges about Tupac. He's like a modern day Malcolm X/Martin Luther King Jr. except he crossed over to the mainstream successfully despite being incarcerated despite being black despite being a self described thug. He was hanging out with Madonna! That's powerful!

So with that said, people still investigate Martin Luther King's, Bob Marley, and Malcolm X's death and they know they are dead they've seen the bodies and attended the funerals.and they still search for clues for reasons and still try to put it all together and make it all make sense. And no one says leave it alone to them.

There are people that are still convinced Elvis is alive. So convinced that they have furnished a guy that they believe to be Elvis who did a DNA test and proved that if he isn't in fact Elvis he's related in some way to him. So even though this guy who claimed he is Elvis and submitted DNA evidence to try and prove it appeared, there are still nay Sayers.

So I guess you have your opinions and we have ours. But along with our opinions, we have reasons as well.

Truth 3 weeks ago

Don't ya think? For your first point you said you just can't see it, and that's what I mean about being close minded. If you were offered enough money to not say anything about something wouldn't you keep your mouth shut? Your second point about him not being able to stay quiet and out of sight... He might not have had to with today's technology. We are all communicating to each other speaking our minds under aliases. Who knows whether or not he does the same? It could be like you joked about, he may be on this very post commenting along with everyone else. However I doubt you are him. He could also use music to speak his mind as well. The whole Kasinova theory is interesting but I don't take that into account when I think about reasons why I believe 2Pac is alive. Kasinova seems to be his own person even though there seems to be something connected between him and Pac. Another interesting thing is that after his death there were over 1,000 eyewitness reports in Haiti over the period of a month of people seeing someone who appeared to be 2Pac. Now that's just another interesting little thing to think about. What evidence is there really that he was actually shot that night besides a much debated over autopsy photo, and a very screwed up coroners report. Go ahead and name me some. As for the whole coincidence thing, it seems like you don't understand where I'm coming from with this. When something happens and it's coincidental with something else that may not be true one might think that thing could be true as the amount of coincidences increase. Let me paint you a picture. You're a stay at home wife with two kids. Your husband makes a decent salary at a prosperous business. However your husband says he's going to have to start working overtime some nights. Okay nothing wrong. Let's keep going. Now let's say your husband has been working overtime for a few months now and you're wondering why is he trying to get so much overtime. Perhaps he is saving to buy something you assume. However, now on the days that he doesn't work overtime he comes home later than usual with a strange perfume smell emanating from him. You get suspicious that he may be unfaithful, but you refuse to believe it due to the fact that you have two kids and you've been married for let's say 10 years. You see him come home one day and he has the same smell coming from him but this time you see a small red smudge on his lips. Now you believe. But still you aren't positive. He says he's going on a business trip over the weekend so you decide to follow him. He goes to somebody's house and all you see are the lights inside get turned off. You now have enough coincidental evidence that he has been cheating on you. Now you still do not know for sure that he cheated. The reason for all the overtime was because he was saving money for the kids college funds plus he planned to renew your vows on your 10th anniversary. The perfume was the smell of the scented invitations that he was helping his cousin, who happened to be a wedding planner, prepare. The one day he came home with the red smudge on his lips was because he had just came back from trying which cake would be the best to have and the frosting was red. However the coincidences suggest that he is a cheater. Really he's just planning a surprise wedding. This is sort of backwards of what I'm trying to say for Tupac but now at least you understand what I mean about coincidental proof or coincidental evidence suggesting he is alive. He could be dead. Believe me, if they showed me proof on the news tomorrow that he is dead then I would accept it just like I accepted the idea that 2+2=4 but that is if there's proof. That could also mean coincidental proof like the fact that there was a crime scene could work but the thing is it could work both ways. Maybe it was staged. Nobody knows. So what do you do to stuff like that, you gotta ignore it unless something else related to it appears. But yeah, maybe now you people feel me now.

Whisper 3 weeks ago

Wow! I'm feelin ya truth

Knowledge 3 weeks ago

Amazing truth hit it right on point.

Minion12 3 weeks ago

just wanted to add to my previous comment that Chillo isnt Cuban like a lot of people say but he is dutch and from what i have read he is talking really bad dutch in the video, also a lot of people say the video was made before Tupac dissapeared however a lot of people have also said that the number plate on the back of the car that Chillo and Tupac are riding in didn't come into use until the early 2000's. also i was once reading a Tupac forum awhile ago and 1 of the posters there had got in touch with Chillo through Facebook who said it was tupac with him, i know pretty sketchy but everything about Tupac dissapearing is sketchy that's the beauty of it.

personally i don't think Tupac died in 96 but I'm not expecting him to return this year but if he did i don't think he would return to the u.s i suspect he is in Cuba, Amsterdam, or Saudi and will get the word out from there where he is safe from the u.s authorities who will want him brought in for questioning and some trumped up charge.

It is not illigal to fake death in vegas, or when 2 attempts have been made on your life, and when you havent cashed your life insurance cheque, Also the statute of limitations ends this year (if i remember right).

I also find it interesting that the year everybody is expecting Tupac to return is the same year they decide to make a movie about him, would be cool if he explained how, why, where at the end of the movie, it would be a bit of a stretch for him to star in it because of the attention making a tupac movie outside of the states would bring.

anyways im starting to ramble now, hope i helped you guys out

km 3 weeks ago

I'm back! Its time to let the world know

Truth 3 weeks ago

Minion12 those were some pretty good finds man, the Chillo video was the one that got me the most. I always try to watch these videos with some skepticism. Perhaps Mopreme was trying to pay homage to his brother by speaking of the whole death faking situation but then again maybe he and Allan know something more. Then the Assata video was great because you really got a deeper look into Tupac's roots. As for the part where the person showed up, I'm not sure if it was him. I thought I could see hair and not just a little bit either. A decent amount. I'm not sure. The voice was also very faint to be able to tell whether or not it was him but I did notice that the person holding the camera tried not to get too much of the "man's" face in the shot. If it was Tupac why would he risk exposure, unless he did it in a clever way to spark rumors and get people talking like we are now without being certain 100 percent that it was actually him. The Chillo video, I have no explanations for. Maybe the only way it couldn't have been him was if it was a look alike which I don't know since they try to play that whole look alike thing off a lot. How many people in the world look like 2Pac? Besides relatives. The supposed doubles used in the Smile video was suspicious as well as the I Wonder If Heaven's Got a Ghetto video. They give you small peaks at the doubles face and in the I Wonder If Heaven's Got a Ghetto video you can actually pause it and see that it is most likely a double. But when you look at the Smile video there's a different feeling. This double doesn't have the same exact face and head structure as the last. It's something worth checking out. Again thank you Minion12 for adding to the discussion, keep on the lookout for more videos and clues.

what if 3 weeks ago


I was wondering if you had heard about pac leaving death row records because he felt he was not seeing his fair share of the money what if pac said he would leave for free if suge helps him fake his death

Minion12 3 weeks ago

what if,

apparently Pac had plans to leave deathrow and make his own label called makavelli or something along those lines and thats why Suge has become a suspect in the shooting. He owed Pac alot of coin and he woulda lost alot of coin if Pac left. I dont buy that theory tho, Suge and Pac seem pretty tight from what i have read.

On a side note afeni fought Deathrow records for years in the courts to have royalties owed to Pac from Deathrow paid and to have alot of the master tapes from his work returned. Afeni eventually won and Suge went bankrupt not long after.

btw admin why are you deleting my posts? im not being rude and abusive to the other posters or criticiseing ideas. Just giving my opinion and passing on info i have found.

Minion12 2 weeks ago

im tired of my posts being deleted from here, so truth, whisper, etc if you want to add me on facebook to bounce ideas look up dan nad would be cool to bounce ideas with you guys. like i said in my original post i have been researching Pac for around 10 years off and on and have alot of ideas on the topic

Enter: Makaveli 2 weeks ago

2Pac once said something about not changing the world but he will spark the mind that changes the world. Maybe hes waiting for someone to point out the fact he is alive before 7/7/14 and back all the evidence they have up before he returns. Maybe that in itself is a hint, maybe he knows that his return will change the world and is waiting for someone to pieve everything together perfectly. I believe he is alive. I hope he is alive. And I believe he can change the world.

Truth 2 weeks ago

Yes Pac apparently had some problems internally with Deathrow not paying him and he had plans to leave after he had finished his contractual obligations to Deathrow to start his own label called Euphanasia records. This added fire to the theory that Suge Knight set Tupac up that night to capitalize off of his death and make money off of his unreleased music. Money can make a man do crazy things, but him and Pac were close. Would he himself take as risk of being shot by drinking a car with the intended hit riding beside him in the passenger seat when he is twice his size? Maybe if Pac never returns Suge will tell us what actually happened that day in his will or on his deathbed perhaps. If it was Suge the whole setup was risky for him. Suge is a smart businessman which is why I don't believe he would take that risk. Pay Pac that money and help him fake his death and then make some money off of his songs for that last album. Afeini suing Deathrow was because they had unreleased music of his. Deathrow was already almost dead. Just about all of its major money makers left and moved on to other things. It was clinging to these unreleased Tupac songs. Taking that away was the final blow. It was a mercy killing. Suge Knight may be bankrupt but he definitely doesn't look it. He looks like he still earns big bucks. Whether it's from drug money which it could be or a lofty business decision made years and years ago that he is living off of the fruits of remains to be seen. Maybe if Suge Knight was to be subjected to a polygraph test. It could reveal some detail into what happened. But what would be the fun in that? Haha The exciting thing about it being 2014 is that you never know. What if? Maybe he will come back, maybe not. We have all year to see. Then next year we need to find the facts. Even if he does return. We need to know what happened. And yes Enter: Makaveli, a return by Pac would change everything. It would change the way people think about things. It would be incredible.

Knowledge 2 weeks ago

I don't believe surge killed PAC. He would have had good reason too because of the money issue but I don't see it happening. Don't get me wrong didn't PAC say "expect me like you expect Jesus" or something along that line ? Resurection / return?

Unc23 2 weeks ago

The thing that gets me confused is in the video for “To Live & Die In L.A.” (Death Row, 1996), 2Pac is wearing the newest edition of the Nike Air Jordans. However, the shoes were not released by Nike until November—two months after his “death” in September

Truth 2 weeks ago

The argument against the unreleased shoes is that, Tupac, being such a famous artist was able to get his hands on a pair before it reached the public. How long precisely before they were released did he grab a pair? Were they even created yet? I wish I knew something about shoes. Unfortunately I do not.

bigdaddyt 2 weeks ago

After reading all of this I honestly think he's alive but idk for sure I'm just going to leave it at that.

Olivia 2 weeks ago


ba ba booey 2 weeks ago

I'm still looking for a page like this about Michael Jackson

Jenkins 2 weeks ago

That's rights he's immortal now

Leroy 2 weeks ago

I think custom shoes are not exeptional at all, neither would it be weird if the brand would mass produce haute couture, for reasons. This is a good explanation for the shoos

Seereason 2 weeks ago

You do know that Back in 1996 In Las Vegas, Nevada. It was legal to fake your own death. He "Died" in 1996, It was all Legal back then. There was no law saying you couldn't fake death in Nevada. So thats also something interesting

curious!?!?! 2 weeks ago

I think tupac was really shot up. I also believe he survived it and then decided to fake his death because he was possibly worried that if he walked out the hospital then he may not have another shot at life. Everyone may want to consider that maybe his mother doesn't even know.. another reason I think he is alive and was supposedly cremated,, of course the theory he faked his death and of course you can't dig up ashes and perform dental DNA testing. Yes the 7 day theory is odd. But I'm just basing my opinion on other things.. also Suge knight made a statement (quoting) "the real question is, is that maybe PACs not dead, Maybe he is out there somewhere!?!?!?" He made that statement many years after tupacs supposed death. I think the secret of tuupac being alive is eating at him and he was trying to hint around the PAC is alive, he is probably tired of carrying this secret around for all these years. Also he took the coroner $3million. Now since when does it coat that much to be cremated? That was PACs money to pay off the coroner or it was suges money and he just helped his friend.. way to many hints that he is alive than there is more evidence of his death.. just saying.. hope he does return #tupacfan

Truth 2 weeks ago

2014 has been a year of upsets, shocks, and surprises thus far and it's only April. Who knows what awaits us this year? Also to curious!?!?!, it is possible that Pac was indeed shot that night and "chose to leave quietly." That's how his mother put it which is strange. Another thing about his mother, regarding her vow to release all of 2Pac's unreleased music. I heard about this about two years ago, and haven't heard much from Afeini since. Suge also hasn't said much after that infamous April 2012 interview where he said "Maybe Pac's not dead, Pac's somewhere else." And "Nobody seen Tupac dead." Adding to the already burning fire of theories surrounding 2Pac's death.

Mh cASH 2 weeks ago


lovertattoos4ever-ismykik 2 weeks ago

Tupac is alive hes in Cuba from were iv heard hope he comes back I love his music

Whisper 2 weeks ago

I get a few of my clues from tupacs videos that were released after he was shot in Vegas. In Hail Mary there is a sword placed in a stone, that is symbolic of King Arthur. You have to watch closely for it or else you will miss it.

What is interesting about that is the similarity between king arthurs ending and Tupacs. Both are surrounded in mystery.

The disappearance or death of King Arthur is of the intriguing Arthurian legends . In some accounts, King Arthur was taken to the Isle of Avalon to be healed, and what happened to him after reaching the island is a mystery. Some say he lies in a cave awaiting the day he is needed again by his country, others say King Arthur died at Avalon. Apart from the somewhat dubious claim by the monks at Glastonbury to have found King Arthur's grave in the Middle Ages, no real evidence has emerged for an Arthurian grave. He is referred to as the once and future king meaning he shall return.....

With that said, I find it extremely if not eerily clever that they chose to place a sword in a stone on the set. And the fact that it was so obscure only makes it that much more significant. The fact that they were both wounded and there is no grave no body and the belief that they will return is crazy similar. There are so many hidden clues in Tupacs posthumous videos you just have to look. And that is why I feel he is alive.

Brainless 2 weeks ago

It's funny because I have Never seen anybody point this out...I actually "listen" to the song, and in BETTER DAYZ, an album that came out in 2002, in one of the songs, tupac says something along the lines of "got me rushed to the station,stuck in this line up,tryin' hard to hide my face,they placed the name but can't recall descriptions, that bitch trippin'"...I'm pretty sure you guys know what he's talking about...

Tupac 2 weeks ago


Brainless 2 weeks ago

Truth, Whisper, do you guys know anything about Kadafis' death?

elinho in kenya 13 days ago

I belive he is alive

Random girl ikram 13 days ago

He is alive wait 7.7.14 or some time in 2014 don't worry about him not celebrating with his family on his birthdays because he is probably having a fun time in cuba with his aunt Assata Shakur in Cuba, just wait 2014.

Truth 13 days ago

Kadafi's death was so mysterious. It was very hard trying to find information on it. There were a few stories, one being that Kadafi, who was the only witness to the shooting who was willing to identify the shooter, was apparently at his girlfriend's house. Whether there were other people there or not remains questionable, however apparently Roddy, a cousin of one of the member of the outlawz, was with him. They got really wasted and were joking and Roddy pulled out a gun and aimed it at Kadafi saying he could kill him if he wanted to. Well then Kadafi, who was also wasted, showed Roddy he had a vest on and claimed he would have to shoot him in his head. So, Roddy aimed it at his head, and the gun went off. Kadafi was shot through his eye. The outlawz claim this is what happened. There are stories that it was a drug deal gone bad or something gang related. However the outlawz beg to differ. What I wonder is why wouldn't Roddy, if he exists, go to jail? How could the outlawz forgive him? I've never seen a picture of Kadafi's funeral, body, or even crime scene as a matter of fact. I'm not trying to claim Kadafi faked his death as well but think about it. He was 19 living on the edge. Beginning in the early 90's there was a saying that people didn't make it past the age of 25. Perhaps Tupac just wanted to ensure that his supposed half brother would make it and took him with. Again I'd love to see some evidence to the contrary if you have any. Or evidence for the theory as well. Listen to Ballad of a Dead Souljah. "Completely lost revenge at all costs, paybacks a bitch, switch now the tricks crossed, TOSSED UP AND NEVER TO BE HEARD OF, A SINGLE WITNESS SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER MURDER, BLAST, TELL ME SUCKA WHAT YA SEE NOW?, A BLIND MAN AND A DEAD BODY, I'M READY TO LEAVE TOWN, AND GET MY CASH THROUGH, HOOK UP WITH KASTRO..." That whole song is probably the most symbolic of what happened. I looked up the lyrics to make sure, and yes it says Kastro not Castro, as in Kastro from the outlawz not Cuba's Castro, but it is still suspicious he chose that to say. The whole song is suspicious. As for what I think Kadafi had to do with it... The single witness screaming bloody murder, blast, a gunshot, a blind man and a dead body, meaning he is the blind man as now he does not see anything anymore, and the dead body being Pac, now Pac is ready to leave town. First he has to get his cash through, and hook up with Kastro. It is quite interesting to ponder.

Knowledge 13 days ago

I've been checking here everyday for more clues and stuff haha but things are looking clearer hopefully he'll return.

Naz 12 days ago

2pac was the best. Hope it is true and he returns. How amazing would that be?

Brainless 11 days ago

Maybe he got killed because he refused to talk....

ALIVE 9 days ago


D.R.R. 8 days ago

What do you all think of this? I have found it on a dutch pages some dude is reaction on something. I just have translate it from dutch to english (in google) Please let me know what you think about it. This is the text:

If you really want to know by whom Tupac is murdered, I would recommend you to book ' The killing or Tupac Shakur ' to read. Is written by a crime journalist who has experienced up close the police inquiry. Check on youtube also interviews with detective Brent Becker. He led the research in 1996. There are also documents of Tupac's file posted on the site by the FBI. These are hard to read because some names are crossed out, but does provide a very good picture about who did it and what evidence the police have.

The one who killed tupac is Orlando Anderson ... Member of the Southside crips. He had a few months before the shooting a member of death row beaten up and robbed along with 7 other crips. On the evening of the shooting, at the MGM grand hotel, recognized this member Anderson and left him to 2pac. 2pac gave him a slap and the rest of death row also competed. In revenge for this is 2pac killed.

The LAPD thinks for the following reasons that Anderson/crips behind the murder are:-an informant in the crips has stated that anderson has bragged about the murder.

-Anderson was a month after the death of tupac busted for another murder (for which he was never indicted) and police found a glock 40 under his bed. With this type of weapon was tupac shot at. Only the weapon is never lost and it is examined on vinderafdrukken. Stupid stupid stupid!!!!

-The employee designated to tupac that Anderson's death row, in the presence of an informant and other bloods stated that ' tupac is shot by the crip who he has beaten in each other '. Anderson so.

-Anderson stayed together with the crips in the Luxor hotel, near the hotel of tupac and his crew. One of the crips that was checked in the hotel, had to his credit a white caddilac rented from a car company in LA. This white caddilac is never reduced and according to an informant is the caddilac repainted and no longer recognizable. The perpetrators reason in a white caddilac.

-And what about the white caddilac ... in the days after Tupac's death there were shootings in compton place between bloods and crips. According to informants by the murder of tupac. There were 21 bloods and crips arrested and later released. One crip took out the other crip of the police station with a white caddilac. The police only had a picture taken of the caddilac and has not investigated. This was perhaps the chance to solve the case.

If you see above points you surprised that anderson never has been indicted. This is because the Las Vegas police found that there are also witness statements. They thought to have a stronger case as witness statements match the findings of the informants. While this was not necessary. The only witness who wanted to cooperate (Yaki Gaddafi by the outlawz), was shot dead two months later and not heard (his nephew has admitted to have him accidentally shot at and has been here for 7 years). We also want to Suge Knight etc. do not cooperate with the police and there are no other witnesses obsolete.

In short: by informants know the police that Anderson did it, but he was never caught because the police of Las Vegas think they necessarily need witnesses.

Even in the case of O.j. Simpson, there was less evidence and he was arrested. The police of Las Vegas had the case must hand over to the District Attorney. An average jury would have found Anderson guilty.

In the UNITED STATES are gang Affairs often only solve by informants or technical evidence, because witnesses often do not want to cooperate. In Tupac's case there was no technical evidence, but the perpetrators from both gangs have informers designated. This should be enough.

And according to the FBI files are the driver of the white caddilac and the one that Anderson have given the weapon, shot during the crip/blood gang war after Tupac's death. The fourth person in the caddilac sat still lives. The other crips who were present on that night in Las Vegas sit in the ball for other crimes or his death.

If you have all the conspiracy theories you achterwegen late and focuses on the real facts you can see that it is not a mystery.

Truth 8 days ago

People who were involved also stated that it was Orlando's uncle who did the job. It makes sense. A guy gets beat up and retaliates. However nothing else adds up. It is very possible Orlando orchestrated it. It is very possible he did shoot Tupac, but what I want to know is not who were the prime suspects, not who the police believe did it, or anything like that. I've known about Anderson since the beginning of my investigation. Just because he was killed a year or two after doesn't mean it was retaliation for Pac. Like you said, he was a member of the Southside Crips. It was bound to happen especially with people suspicious of him being the shooter. It doesn't mean he did anything. Also time plays an important factor in this story as well. Orlando Anderson was held at the MGM Grand Hotel by officers due to the scuffle. Pac and his crew were gone already. From that point time plays a role in it. How long would it take Orlando to make it to the Luxor from the MGM and inform his crew, and get everything organized in regards to payback, and the find Pac. Would it be possible? The questions I need answered are, is he dead? Is he alive? There is substantial evidence pointing to the claim that he was shot that night but where is the evidence that he in fact passed away? We have all the reason to believe this is still a mystery, not a closed case. Until somebody who knows something about what happened fesses up we may never know what truly occurred. That though is perhaps the best evidence suggesting that he did get shot and that Orlando was the culprit. But what happened after that? Why were there so many stories as to what happened? Some suggesting that he was able to speak and maintain a conversation. What would you do if you were Pac in the hospital knowing people were after you after you've just been shot for the second time? Would you risk going out into the world again or would you make a drastic decision to save your life? Would you come up with a plan to make sure you would never have to feel the burn of a bullet again? That is if he was actually conscious. Perhaps he was unconscious...For the entire 7 day period, from shooting until death.

D.R.R. 8 days ago

Like you comment a lot. It gaves me new things to think about. But if pac is still alive it dont make sense that he will come back.

cheeks23 8 days ago

I'm 50/50 on whether he is alive or not.. I guess you can say I'm optimistically skeptic at times lol. .. But I was wondering if anyone like The Feds ever checked tupacs financials back then .. If he did fake his own death he had to have taken alot of money with him

D.R.R. 7 days ago

The money that he make (or Suge/death row) was a lot more after his death. Because he was really popular at that moment. And if pac really fake his own death. i think that the feds were paid to, so that pac can fake his own death. But that's how I think.

NiaShakur 7 days ago

I believe that Pac is alive, but there are so many reasons against this belief, one of his most famous quotes is 'I'd rather die like a man than live like a coward'. Don't get me wrong, I love 2pac, he is the best rapper that ever lived, I am west coast through and through, however if he is alive, staying in hiding since 1996 and breaking the hearts of all his fans, seems pretty cowardly to me. On the other hand, his subliminal messages and the Machiavelli theory are too coincidental to ignore. I pray that he comes back, I have faith that he will come back this year, but if he does return, one thing for sure is I will be one of his loyal fans waiting.

arinalve 6 days ago

all the reasons why tupac could still be alive make sense. i just checked the video where his "hologram" appeared in coachella 2012. he did greet "what's up coachella". and you goddammned right that coachella has only existed since 1999. and as it has been rumourted til now that tupac was dead in 1996. there is no way that he could greet what's up coachella before he died. unless he really did during his performance in that festival.

Brainless 6 days ago

Arinalve...please do some research first....and Truth...there is something you don't give enough attention to...look my friend....you need to look there!The answer is right in your face...this week, I learned something I really shouldn't have learnt...even doe this is what I have been looking for....I can't tell you what it is doe....sorry man

Mrkmlnr profile image

Mrkmlnr 5 days ago from Netherlands

Why was my previous post deleted?

Brainless 5 days ago

Idk man but please type it again...it is going to put Truth on the right path...I wish I could tell you all the answer....but please just it again! Thank you


TheOneAfterPac 5 days ago

We'll just have to wait...

Truth 5 days ago

I am all ears Mrkmlnr.

Mrkmlnr profile image

Mrkmlnr 5 days ago from Netherlands

Okay if my post, which should be right here before this post, is deleted again. I've put my message in my profile, click on my name and you will see the message i've put several times on this hub.

jamie morgan from barry south wales uk 4 days ago

I hope he is stil there with us all I do think he is alive lets hope he dose come bk this year he got me threw my 28 years ov this life thug life babey

ke 4 days ago

Yep hes alive. Coming back on june 7th 2014... its april 2014 20th now. Be prepared for is returning

dom 4 days ago

So if he returns he will be 43 and will bring back hip hop

Mrkmlnr profile image

Mrkmlnr 4 days ago from Netherlands

What i am interested in is the coroners report, who brought this official piece in the media and how large is the option that is it modified?

And who brought out the autopsy photo? These two things should be enough info, if proven real and thus fake. (personally i believe that they are faked for his death) that he is still alive. I recently saw a video of that his aunt is now on the most wanted list of the FBI. And that she moved to Cuba to live and proceed her political actions there. But it stays with guessing i think..

The y-theory doesn't sound like a reasonable theory to me, i mean the way they perform a autopsy is always in this form. And come on, they always search with a metal detector or such thing if you pass trough a secured area like a football stadium..

And i think i've come to a point that i want to look at every single piece of information reasonable, with in my thoughts that he is still alive. I mean, he is smart enough to think it all out. He had enough money to make it all happen.

The information that i think is worth thinking about are the (well known) 7 days theory, an escape route planned with a payed "white woman" to mislead the media and people, and the official coroners report and autopsy photo. These things, like the social number that is still ACTIVE? what?

And to comment on the Kasanova theory, the only thing that got my mind was that in the video the voice of Kasanova and the voice of supposedly Tupac are compared to each other. I clearly hear a difference in the voice, tempo and articulation. But yet again, maybe it is what i want to hear. And is Kas just a guy who has a voice so freeking similar to Tupac's.. But a great, great coincidence in a collection of so many theories... Too much coincidence for me. I believe that he could be alive, if he comes back it would have such an impact that he could be the next frigging president haha.

Nice to meet you, cause i really like to talk more and more about this with you guys!

knowledge 4 days ago

Wow haha

sway_knee 4 days ago

Hi guys I was just watching a video and was wondering what your take on it would be, the news channek when he got shot said he was taken by ambulance, but in the film notorious when biggie film out with lil cease I think it is the lady on the news say " shakur was air lifted the the last vagas university medical centre with 4 gun shot wonds and is reported to be in a critical state"

Peace man

Also ive seen a video with frank Alexander he said " I was told by another one of are security guards that was a body gard that he had exscorted pac to the aeroplane as they were leaving newyork, and tupac told him, specifically told him, that he was a dead man walking"

If he knew"he was a dead man walking" if he went there why did he go ive seen a video im not sure who the guy was but he said pac had told him he didnt want to go and wben the guy got there he was surprised to see pac there"

Also I was wondering if any of you have heard of a guy called troy farrell ge helped the davis mortuary with the removal of "pacs" body due to a request of pacs mother.. the same troy farrell is now the anatomy lab director of medical research institute of navada where he is in charge of all the unclamed bodies he is also on the committee of anatomical dissection

The navada law states that these bodys must be kept for 30 days and then be cremated.. was the body that was said to be pacs that got cremated one of these bodys??

Asim Muzamil 2 days ago


07 (June)

2014 (2+0+1+4=7)

Age 43 (4+3=7)

The biggest comeback......

Brainless 2 days ago

Truth....here's another YouTube official page....new album coming out soon...all I can say for now..

Mrkmlnr profile image

Mrkmlnr 2 days ago from Netherlands

Brainless, where can i find this youtube official page you're talking about?

sway_knee 35 hours ago

I would also like to know brainless

pj 15 hours ago

Ive done alot of homework on this and youve got the mystery 7s. His album killuminati dom has him on a cross like he is being resurrected.and it says exit tupac enter makaveli. Also nobody has seen him dead and cremated the day after even tho its illegal.really? All the pay offs and the hints in different artists songs more or less saying he is alive.the only proof anyone has that he is dead is a photo of a man after postmortem which has missing tatoos and wrong height, body weight ,eye and hair colour.and wven a police officer stated that the picture did not come from the police force. There have been sightings of him(too many to be coincidence). I could go on and on.HE IS ALIVE.and id like someone else to prove otherwise. 2014 is going to be a big year

pj 10 hours ago

Also spell makaveli backwards ilev = I live, akam = I come

melissa 60 minutes ago

They say he's in Cuba. I know he's alive....

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